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The first step is to request a FREE quote from us. You can either call us directly or use our online form. You'll need to provide a few general details about what type of drone imagery you need, the location of the subject and when your deliverables are needed.
After receiving your request, we'll go through a pre-flight planning process to review technical aspects of your requested flight. This includes reviewing any airspace restrictions, site logistics, flight time needs and travel requirements. We will get back to you after to discuss any further details and present our cost.
From there, we will schedule a flight day and time with you. We also ask for a deposit of 50% of the proposed cost to confirm your flight. Flight dates and times are subject to postponement based on external variables including weather and/or FAA Flight restrictions that can arise. See our full refund Cancellation Policy for details.

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Elevate Drone Ops provides FAA Part 107 Certified sUAS Drone services in Southern California. Dedicated to safety and fully insured, we produce and deliver aerial imaging and data assets to clients looking to take advantage of the unique visualization benefits of modern drone technology.


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